Vegetal Leather: Mushrooms Replace Animals

July 21, 2017

Now we usually feature news on innovative Food & Beverage products, but today we just couldn’t resist sharing the new innovation of ‘Vegetal Leather’, from U.S start-up company MycoWorks.

Using mycelium, the root-like fibres in mushrooms, MycoWorks has created a product that looks, feels and acts like leather. It’s water-proof, low cost and highly sustainable, taking as little as 3 weeks to produce, compared to the 3 years required for animal leather production.

MycoWorks are kicking off full production this year and looking at applying the product to the manufacture of shoes, bags and clothing. Whilst consumers may react with surprise ‘I can’t believe it’s not leather’, animal leather manufacturers are getting protective around the naming use of ‘leather’.

Call it what you will, we’re looking forward to seeing vegetable byproducts like these hit the fashion runways.

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