Food and Beverage Innovation Services

What’s your burning product innovation challenge?

I can help your food and beverage business to develop winning new products that your consumers will love, be it through project coaching, innovation training, event speaking or workshop facilitation.


Susie is an accredited executive coach who helps food and beverage businesses of all sizes develop new product ideas to boost sales through product innovation. To date, she has generated more than 3,000 new product ideas and built product pipelines worth over $800 million in sales for the businesses she’s worked with.

Susie White Food Innovation Coach

Innovation Project: ‘Learn by Doing’

Rather than a ‘black-box’ innovation agency that only gives you the final answer, Susie upskills your people with practical innovation tools, techniques and repeatable processes so they develop the capability to generate new product ideas again and again when your business needs it most.

Your innovation employees or project team will be trained and coached to work through a live innovation challenge. In real time they will build the capability so they learn to how to gather insights, generate new product ideas and co-create these with consumers.

Innovation Frameworks Building

Susie works with senior lead teams and stakeholders in your business to coach them on setting up effective frameworks for managing, approving and tracking product innovation. These help prioritise resource allocation, clarify decision making and drive accountability for long-term innovation delivery.

Go beyond a tick-box Stage-Gate process to establish clear and consistent principles, such as;

  • Decision-making rights & responsibilities
  • Project tracking & governance
  • Research validation by project stage
  • Benchmarks for success.

“Our challenge was to develop a long term innovation pipeline. Susie provided an innovation framework to develop a global innovation pipeline of products. She also trained a number of super users to ensure the capability was embedded within our marketing organisation. The collaboration, support and creativity provided by Susie truly exceeded my expectations.”

Kirstie McCosh, Global Head of Marketing Services, Treasury Wine Estates

“Susie is so easy to work with, no egotistical crap or BS, she listens and has a great feel for what is required to achieve the desired results. I would recommend Susie and work with her again in a heartbeat. If you haven’t gone through this process – do! It could save you a lot of money instead of developing products that no-one wants and that won’t sell.” 

Shila Barak, Business Development Manager, Well and Good

Susie White Eat Drink Innovate Speaker


Susie is a natural storyteller and catalyst for change. As an experienced product innovator, author and speaker, she brings to life the best practices, tools and techniques for creating successful new products in the food and beverage industry.

Audiences have described Susie’s presentations as “dynamic”, “engaging” and “inspiring”. She has exceeded expectations from Melbourne to London, and Sydney to Switzerland.

Speaking Topics for Food and Innovation Events:

  • What’s the Big Idea? How to use creativity hacks to ignite innovative thinking.
  • Not all Product Innovation is Equal: How to match innovation to your growth goals.
  • Sense-Check for Success: How to co-create product ideas with consumers.
  • Turning Insights into Opportunities: How to translate insights into product opportunities.
  • The Good, the Bad and Ugly Ideas: How to choose the right new product ideas.
  • Learn from Food Start-Ups: How small businesses are making a big impact.

“Susie gave an energetic and engaging presentation that sparked plenty of discussion among the attendees. She is a talented and captivating speaker with plenty of new ideas.”

Dimi Kyriakou, Senior Communications Officer, AusVeg

“Susie’s natural public speaking skills, enthusiasm, energy, knowledge, and ability to engage the students made for a superb series of lectures.”

Dr. Scott Hutchings, Subject Co-Coordinator, Masters of Food & Packaging, University of Melbourne


If you’re looking to upskill your employees, innovation teams and get to original product ideas fast, Susie facilitates fast-paced and high-energy idea generating and capability building workshops that can be customised for your business.

Eat Drink Innovate Workshops

Product Ideation Workshop (1 day)

Coming up with inspiring new product ideas is not simply ‘business as usual’.

The best way to generate fresh and original product ideas is to run an ideation workshop, specifically designed for your business challenge, to ensure you go where your competitors can’t or won’t.

This high-energy Ideation Workshop will help you identify new opportunity areas, use creative thinking hacks and originate more product ideas than you’ll ever need.

Sense-Check Ideas Workshop (1 day)

Learn how to build and strengthen new product ideas by co-creating directly with consumers.

Apply the principles of early prototyping to discover the weaknesses and strengths of ideas quickly and cheaply. You’ll co-create with real consumers to unlock the value of new product ideas.

  • Develop effective interviewing skills.
  • Share product ideas and gather feedback with real consumers.
  • Learn how to optimise or discard new product ideas.

Innovation FEAST Workshop (3 days)

Upskill your innovation team fast. This hands-on, learn-by-doing, workshop is designed to generate new product ideas for your business. Apply the five-stage innovation FEAST framework with practical innovation tools.

Your team will be equipped to:

  • Gather knowledge and fresh consumer insights.
  • Identify untapped opportunities where your competitors won’t go.
  • Develop a three-year pipeline of new products.

Susie has great activities and enthusiasm to help get your team into a new way of thinking about potential ideas and product solutions – it was an inspiration.”

Dr. Hazel MacTavish-West, The VegDoctor at MacTavish West Pty Ltd

“Susie’s energy and positive input for the ideation day she ran was amazing! The team never seemed to fatigue on coming up with new product ideas.”

Elesha Kelley, Research & Development Manager, Food Innovation Centre, Monash University

To discuss your business needs, contact Susie.