Episode #00

Susie White, Eat Drink Innovate

Welcome to the Eat Drink Innovate podcast.

I’m going to be talking with food start-ups, innovators and entrepreneurs from around Australia to find out what they’re doing to shake things up the food industry.

By “food”, I don’t mean high-end restaurant dining or Heston-Blumenthal style cooking or the 3D printed food you find in laboratories. Instead I’ll be talking with the people who are making what’s probably sitting in your pantry and fridge, or making its way into your mouth right now. That is, the food we eat every day.

I want to bring food back into the innovation spotlight, because it’s the stuff of life and death. Food sustain us physically, it connects us socially, it comforts us, helps us to celebrate and commiserate.

And now is the time we need more innovation from our food and drinks than ever before – because as consumers, you and I are demanding more – fresher, more natural, unprocessed, handcrafted choices that are also super-convenient and ready to eat on the go. We love experimenting with food, trying new flavours, textures and combinations. We’ve also got some real food waste and sustainability challenges to solve.

This podcast is about talking to food entrepreneurs and sharing their stories with you – about how they’re making a living and solving some of these food challenges with their innovative products.

So if you’ve ever dreamed of starting a food business, you already run one and could use a little inspiration or maybe you’re just a person like me that really like talking about new and interesting food and drinks, then check out this podcast series.

You can get in touch with me and provide suggestions on any successful food or beverage entrepreneurs you think I should be talking to at: podcast@eatdrinkinnovate.com.au, or subscribe online at www.eatdrinkinnovate.com.au.

Many thanks to this episode’s sponsor; the Monash Food Innovation Centre in Melbourne, Australia. Find out how they can help your business become more innovative: https://www.foodinnovationcentre.com.au