Episode #12

Sarah Holloway & Nic Davidson – Matcha Maiden & Matcha Mylkbar

Sarah Holloway and Nic Davidson, are the creators of Matcha Maiden, a range of matcha powder products and co-owners of the plant-based, sustainability-driven café, Matcha Mylkbar in Melbourne and Sydney.

In this episode, you’ll hear how Sarah was unable to drink coffee for health reasons and became hooked instead on the nutritional properties of matcha power when working in Hong Kong, for its distinct flavour, high level of anti-oxidants and gentler caffeine level.

On their return to Australia, Sarah and Nic started an online business importing and selling Matcha powder, which not only fueled their own daily matcha latte habit, but also creating a community of like-minded followers. This humble side project has evolved into a business with over fifteen hundred stockists, eighty-seven thousand Instagram followers and the launch of an award-winning, sustainability-driven café.

Plus, in this episode, you’ll learn about the ‘trickle-down effect’ and how to know when a fleeting food trend will become a more mainstream, mass-appeal opportunity.

You can learn more about Matcha Maiden and Matcha Mylkbar, and connect with Sarah and Nic on:





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