Episode #25

Francisco Caffarena, Sprout Stack

Francisco Caffarena is the co-founder with Michael Harder of Sprout Stack. It’s an indoor farming business, that’s set to revolutionise the way fresh produce is grown and distributed in Sydney.

In this episode, you’ll hear how Francisco and Michael are driven to overcome the challenges of weather disruption, climate change and food miles, that face traditional crop growers. 

Their combined skill sets, in agricultural science, electrical installation and construction, made an ideal partnership to launch their Ag-tech start-up, Sprout Stack. 

Together, they created an indoor farm in used shipping containers, filling them with vertical stacks of hydroponic trays. They transformed these containers to create a climate-controlled environment, in which their micro-crops can be watered, nurtured and regulated using integrated computer technology. 

As a result, Sprout Stack farms can be set-up and relocated in highly populated, urban areas like metro Sydney, so that fresh produce is grown locally and close to its end users. 

And in the Aftertaste section, I share the 10 different ways you could be more innovative in your business.

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