Episode #28

Alison Swindells, thefoodpeople

Alison Swindells is the Business Development Manager for Australasia at thefoodpeople. They’re a global food trends and ideas agency who have a shared love of food & drink and a passion for gastronomic trends. Their goal is to help small and large businesses develop market-winning products and big food ideas.

In this episode, Alison shares ‘hot off the press’ predictions for 2020 and beyond about global macro drivers and trends for food & drinks. You’ll hear about the two very different sides of a future-looking trend wheel – one of which focuses on mindful consumption, healthy renewal and eco-preservation, while the other side embraces the playful delight of cultural creativity and pleasure seeking.  

And in the Aftertaste section, I suggest 3 ways that you could harness the power of food and beverage trends to inspire new product ideas for your business.

To get an insider look at global food and drink trends with trendhub, live trends on food and drink safaris, or find out what’s on menus around the world with menuwatching, you can connect with Alison at thefoodpeople and request a free food & beverage trend sample report via: alison@thefoodpeople.co.uk

For the FREE download of 2020 / 2021 trend prediction wheel from thefoodpeople, click here.

Many thanks to this episode’s sponsor, the Food Innovation Centre at Monash. 

Find out how they can help your business become more innovative:

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