Episode #29

Hayley Blieden, The Australian Superfood Co.

Hayley Blieden is the founder of The Australian Superfood Co., which is dedicated to increasing the awareness, accessibility and affordability of the distinct flavours and health-enhancing properties of native Australian superfoods.

In this episode, you’ll hear how Hayley was inspired to research the health properties of native foods that were being used by indigenous sports athletes who she worked with as a sports dietician. Determined to harness the impressive nutritional properties of native bush food, Hayley stepped out of dietary practice to start her own food company, which showcases the best of native Australian produce and works with Australian growers and indigenous communities to foster a local super food movement. 

And in the Aftertaste section, I share with you a handy creative hack called SCAMPER which can help you create new product ideas by making fresh connections with existing products.

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