Episode #34

Richard, Dan & Oscar, Young Henrys

Richard AdamsonOscar McMahon and Dan Hampton are the co-founders and directors of Young Henrys. Young Henrysis a group of brewers, distillers, musicians and artists, united in their passion for making exceptionally good beercider and spirits with a deep commitment to supporting their local community.  

In this episode, you’ll hear about a meeting of minds in 2012, with Richard’s experience in brewing, and Oscar’s hospitality know-how, prompting them to do more than just talk about their love of music and beer, and actually start their own independent brewery. While Dan’s progression from policeman to beer aficionado, lead him to Young Henrys within months of its start-up, and  prompted him to get off a bar stool and join the team.  

In the Aftertaste section, I think back on my chat with Richard, Oscar and Dan of Young Henrys and discuss the importance of building a community with your food and beverage business.  

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