Episode #35

The 3 Reasons Why Food Entrepreneurs Are Succeeding

In this Season 2. wrap-up episode, I share the 3 reasons why and how Food Entrepreneurs, especially those from Small and Medium Sized Businesses, are succeeding in an unprecedented way versus traditional Big Food companies.

Over the last 7 years, the most innovative and high growth products are actually coming from Food Entrepreneurs in start-up and scale-up businesses. These products account for less that 3% of sales in the market but are driving more than 30% of category growth. Some industry insiders are predicting that this is a precursor for the demise of traditional mainstream brands altogether.

These 3 factors for success are evident in the food businesses featured in our Season 2. episodes, as they demonstrate;

  1. Product & Brand Authenticity
  2. Consumer Closeness
  3. Product Discovery

A huge thank you to all our Season 2. podcast guests for sharing their inspiring business stories and expertise with us, and to our long-term sponsor of the Eat Drink Innovate podcast, the Food Innovation Centre at Monash. Find out how they can help your business become more innovative: https://www.foodinnovationcentre.com.au

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Innovation Feast by Susie White

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Innovation Feast by Susie White
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