Episode #05

Sam Tucker, Tucker’s Natural

Natural snacking every day


Since founding Tucker’s Natural in 2007, Sam and Cindy Tucker’s business has been recognised by some of Australia’s most prestigious national food awards, for making the best quality crackers, biscuits, fruit pastes and snacks in class.

Hear how Sam built a business based on his personal values, making products that are pure, tasty and nutritious using natural, sustainable ingredients sourced from Australian suppliers. To remain competitive within the fast-paced savoury snacks category, Sam has launched and built an extensive portfolio of new products, which includes, Gourmet Crackers, Dessert Biscuits, Multi-fibre Snacks, Gourmet Bites, Wholegrain Bites, Gluten Free Bites, Fruit Pastes, Fruit Bites, Snack Bites and Dippers.

Plus, learn about the four innovation strategies you might use in your business to help guide the right launch time for new products.

Learn more about Tucker’s Natural products and connect with Sam:





Learn more about the Four Types of Innovation Strategies for launching new products.


Many thanks to this episode’s sponsor, the Monash Food Innovation Centre. Find out how they can help your business become more innovative: https://www.foodinnovationcentre.com.au

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