Episode #07

Jacqui Harvey, Yarra Valley Gourmet Foods

Simple food, extraordinary flavours


In 2009, Jacqui Harvey purchased a fledgling local business, Yarra Valley Gourmet Foods.

For the past decade she has built up an enviable portfolio of beautifully packaged gourmet salad dressings, jams, jellies, mustards, cordials, chutneys, relishes, mayonnaise, and vinegars. Made from the finest local ingredients, this all-natural range of products is produced in small, high quality batches.

You’ll hear how Jacqui focused firstly on hitting the pavement and increasing distribution, whilst rationalising the product range. She then purchased a 20-acre property in Seville to achieve her ultimate vision – creating a food tourism business with a greenhouse, retail store and pick-and-make food experiences to ensure a sustainable future and unique brand experience.

Plus, you’ll learn about the innovation concept of ‘Making a ‘Moonshot’ to catapult your business further than it’s gone before.

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