Episode #08

Ashleigh Whittaker, Snack Proud

Healthy office snack boxes


While working as a customer experience designer in a large corporate bank, Ashleigh Whittaker noticed an absence of nutritious snack options when the dreaded 3pm slump hit. Rather than succumbing to the biscuit and chocolate options available, Ashleigh sourced a selection of unique and healthy snacks and created her own snack box for the office kitchen.

In doing so, Ashleigh uncovered a bigger opportunity – to improve employee productivity, wellbeing and morale by creating a workplace snacking service that offered more nutritious snack options. Snack Proud now offers multi-sized snack boxes, snacking programs and full corporate kitchen support, direct to offices and faculty managers, so their employees can feel proud of their snack choices.

Plus, in this episode, you’ll learn about the power of prototyping and how to do this for your own business to test new opportunities quickly, easily and cost-effectively.

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