Innovation Feast

Innovation Feast by Susie White

Your food and beverage business is under enormous
pressure to come up with new product ideas.
But you’re struggling to deliver.

  • Your current approach isn’t working, which means your business is starved for growth.
  • These ‘hunger pains’ have led to impatient stakeholders who are unimpressed with your lukewarm innovation efforts.
  • As a result, new products are launched in a panic, in the hope that something will stick.
  • Meanwhile, competition continues to increase, and consumers demand fresher, more natural and less processed foods.

The need to develop new and innovative product ideas
has never been greater, yet your business is suffering
from an innovation famine.

What's the solution?

In Innovation Feast, product innovator Susie White walks you through a five-step innovation framework to develop the best product ideas possible – before you invest time and money making and launching them.

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3 ways Innovation Feast will feed your business

8 critical factors
for product success

There are eight critical factors
that increase the likelihood of
product success.
Discover what they are – and
when to address them.

Tackle common

Food and beverage businesses
face four common problems
when it comes to product
innovation. Learn how to avoid
or overcove all four of them.

Create an
extensive menu
of new product ideas

Learn how to create a menu
of delicious new product
options, which you can
browser and select from as
your business grows.

Check out the first two chapters
of Innovation Feast – FREE

Discover the greatest purchase drivers of new food and beverages, so you can exceed consumers’ desires with the best products possible.

Achieve long-term success by understanding the difference between the discovery and delivery phases of product innovation – and why you must focus on discovery first.

Learn how to assemble an innovation team of committed, passionate ‘yaysayers’, who can help turn your ideas into real product concepts in as little as 10 days.


Download bonus innovation templates from the book

Kick start your innovation journey with ready-to-use templates from Innovation Feast.

Available as printable PDFs, these templates are perfect for sharing with your organisation in innovation workshops.

Innovation Feast bonus templates 5

Discover the 5-step
innovation framework

Step 1: Focus
Learn how to set a product innovation growth goal and match that goal to your innovation scope, to get the type of innovation you really need. This will save you hours of wasted time and debate later.

Step 2: Explore
Uncover your consumers’ underlying needs, wants, pain points and gain points. Once you understand these. you can develop multiple product ideas that satisfy your customers in new ways.

Step 3: Accelerate
Kickstart your creative thinking to generate original and inspiring ideas. You’ll discover four creative hacks, as well as how to run an ideation workshop, to help you generate ideas quickly.

Step 4: Sense-Check
Bring your ideas to life by co-creating and reviewing concepts with your consumers. This will help you select the very best ideas, and turn them into compelling product concepts.

Step 5: Transform
Turn your winning ideas into a three-year innovation pipeling and gain the support of key decision-makers in your business. This will allow you to move into the product development and launch phases.

BONUS Step: Innovate or Fry
To help you prepare for the five-step framework, there’s also a warm-up stage. You’ll discover the four common innovation problems faced by food and beverage businesses, and how to assemble an innovation team to tackle these problems and maximise your chances of new product success.

Meet Susie White

Susie White is a born-and-bred product innovator.

She started creating new food products from a young age on her family’s vineyard in rural Australia. Susie witnessed firsthand the simply joy and pleasure people experience when they consume good food and drink. This set her on a lifelong journey into food and beverage Product innovation.

For over 15 years, Susie held leadership roles in innovation and marketing, developing new world-class product pipelines for multinational companies such as Colgate-Palmolive, Kraft Foods, Cadbury, and Procter & Gamble.

Susie is now a product innovation author, speaker and founder of EAT.Drink. Innovate, which helps businesses develop new product ideas to fuel their long-term growth.

To date, Susie has generated more than 3,000 new product ideas and built new product pipeline worth over $800 million in sales.

Susie wrote Innovation Feast to help food and beverage business fight innovation famine by consistently developing successful new product ideas.

Order your copy today.